I am broadly interested in agri-environmental policy, land conservation, natural resource management, environmental valuation, urban policy, geographical information system, and spatial analysis.

My previous and current research primarily includes:

  • First, I evaluate different land-use policies and regulations, with a particular focus on land conservation programs (e.g., agricultural land preservation and forest conservation).
  • Second, I explore the interactions between different land-use transitions and the social environment. In this regard, I intend to link scientific approaches (e.g., remote sensing and GIS) with social science techniques (e.g., econometric modeling) to better understand the dynamics between humans and the environment.
  • Third, I work on the valuation of environmental and ecological amenities, with a focus on the conservation of agricultural land and natural ecosystems. In this sense, I intend to integrate spatial interactions and geography into traditional non-market valuation methods.
  • Last but not the least, I assess different community food environments and networks, focusing on the concepts of “food desert” and “food swamp.” In specific, I correlate community food accessibility/availability with socio-economic status.

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